Mattina Mechanical Limited’s experience in mechanical projects includes Education, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Water & Wastewater ranging from service & maintenance, retrofits, as well as various services to the completed projects.

Established in 1979, our expertise continues to grow each year. Our clientele includes a selection of repeat clients who trust and rely on us to get the job done right when it matters. Our mechanical contractors deliver service to various industries, ensuring each project is completed on time and successfully.

We provide maintenance services, plumbing services, HVAC services, and process piping services for our clients. We have worked on a range of jobs in the institutional, industrial, and commercial fields, as well as several environmentally friendly LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects.

The experience gain and areas of expertise include:

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MML provides Plant maintenance in the Heavy and Light Industrial markets, and Manufacturing sector.


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Special Projects

MML has developed a team of highly skilled technicians and managers that can deliver on projects complex in nature for virtually any type of project.

Special Projects

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Major Projects

MML’s Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sector experience extends to areas of New Construction Builds and Major Renovations.

Major Projects


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From industrial to commercial to institutional and LEED projects – we’ve been helping our clients to achieve their service goals. Click through the gallery below a case study on each of Mattina Mechanical Limited’s most recent projects.


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Commercial Drain Maintenance for Different Facilities

Beyond the universal need to accommodate high-volume and high-pressure flow, commercial facilities in specific industries have very different requirements for their commercial drains. Services that are vital for a commercial kitchen’s drains are rarely needed in the bathrooms of a retail store, and the reverse is also true. Top mechanical companies have staff with specialized industry-specific training […]

Commercial Backflow Prevention: Why Is It Important?

Any commercial facility’s plumbing system likely includes dozens of junctures where potable and non-potable water meet, and each of these junctures has the potential to develop problems with backflow. However, many commercial facility owners and property managers overlook these vulnerable points in their plumbing systems. If you haven’t had your pipes fitted with backflow prevention devices […]

MML Performs a Successful Roof Chiller Installation in Hamilton

Here at Mattina Mechanical Limited, we pride ourselves on having the expertise and professionalism needed to tackle a wide variety of mechanical installation and mechanical services tasks. Recently, a Hamilton client contracted our mechanical services for a roof chiller installation job that required much more from us than our usual routine work. We were excited […]


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Looking to start or continue a career that will educate and empower you, enable you to project manage and impress customers and work in a healthy and safe environment? If yes, Mattina Mechanical Limited can offer you the right career path!

Why MML?

At Mattina Mechanical Limited, we train, trust and empower our employees to exceed the expectations of our customers. MML ensures all its employees receive training and/or certification in the required areas of their work. We train our employees with an all around approach learning all aspects of the work to enable them to grasp the big picture. Our project managers receive inside and outside exposure giving them the tools to learn and advance in the company.


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Mattina Mechanical Limited has worked with many clients
ranging from industrial, commercial, institutional and LEED.