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Commercial Drain Maintenance for Different Facilities

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Beyond the universal need to accommodate high-volume and high-pressure flow, commercial facilities in specific industries have very different requirements for their commercial drains. Services that are vital for a commercial kitchen’s drains are rarely needed in the bathrooms of a retail store, and the reverse is also true.

Top mechanical companies have staff with specialized industry-specific training as well as a wide variety of niche tools and equipment. These mechanical companies are best suited to serve your industry’s specific drain needs, including drain camera inspections, high-pressure flushing, and internal pipe lining repairs.

Drain Camera Inspections

Blockages and backups are common for commercial drains, but it can be difficult and disruptive for plumbing contractors to identify their cause by manual means. Mechanical companies often employ drain cameras to solve this problem.

These tiny cameras are mounted on the end of a long flexible wire and can be inserted directly into the drain that is causing problems inside your building. This allows mechanical companies to easily survey the length of the inside of your pipes and find out why your facility is experiencing plumbing problems.

This quick diagnostic method is useful for any commercial building, allowing mechanical companies to get to the root of the issue almost instantly and immediately begin working on a solution.

High-Pressure Flushing

If you have a diagnosed blockage in your commercial facility’s pipes, mechanical companies can perform high-pressure flushing to clear it out.

This technique involves feeding a long hose with a special nozzle through the pipes until the blocked area is reached. The nozzle then directs a high-powered jet of water at the blockage until it is dislodged or dissolved. This method is efficient, eco-friendly, and very powerful – there are very few obstructions mechanical companies cannot use it to clear.

While it can be used to clear any blockage, high-pressure flushing is particularly useful in cleaning out built-up grease and sludge common in pipes in industrial processing and food service buildings.

Internal Pipe Lining Repairs

Your facility’s pipes will inevitably start to degrade over time, and when that happens, you’ll need to reinforce them somehow. Internal pipe lining repairs allow you to do this with minimal disruption to business activities.

Mechanical companies start this process by scoping out the inside of the pipes with a drain camera, just as described above. This helps to identify the problem areas within the piping so those spots can be reinforced. Then, they use manual scraping or hydro-jetting to clean those areas before applying a spray-on epoxy coating to the vulnerable areas inside the pipes. It quickly hardens into a secure seal that preserves the original function of the pipe.

Because this entire process can be completed quickly and requires no excavation, it is especially useful in service-focused locations (like schools and fitness centres) that can’t easily accommodate the demands of a traditional repair job.

Specialized Plumbing and Mechanical Services for Specific Industries

Whether you need one of the services described above or some other service provided by mechanical companies, you need to hire contractors who understand the finer points of your industry and its plumbing requirements.

Top mechanical companies can provide specially tailored service for:

  • Food Service Buildings.
  • Retail Locations.
  • Hotels.
  • Office Buildings.
  • Gyms and Fitness Facilities.
  • Healthcare Facilities.
  • Recreational Facilities.

Get the Specific Commercial Plumbing Hamilton Services Your Facility Needs

Commercial Drain Maintenance for Different Facilities

Commercial facilities can only operate consistently and effectively with the right plumbing contractors attending to all of their installations, inspections, maintenance and repairs. It is beneficial for you to work with the same plumbing and mechanical contractors for all of your commercial facility’s needs; the more familiar they become with your business’ individual plumbing requirements, the better equipped they will be to meet those standards. Most mechanical companies will be delighted to build such a relationship with you over time.

Mattina Mechanical Limited offers commercial plumbing services for any Hamilton company. Over 40 years of experience have given us a highly diverse skill set that we would be proud to put to work for your business. Contact us anytime to hear more about what we’ve done for clients in your industry and how we can keep your commercial facility’s drains clear and functional.

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