MML Performs a Chiller Installation on Main St in Hamilton

MML Performs a Successful Roof Chiller Installation in Hamilton

By: Mattina  |  Posted September 5, 2020  |  0

Here at Mattina Mechanical Limited, we pride ourselves on having the expertise and professionalism needed to tackle a wide variety of mechanical installation and mechanical services tasks.

Recently, a Hamilton client contracted our mechanical services for a roof chiller installation job that required much more from us than our usual routine work. We were excited to have the chance to show this client what we could do, and the results proved that we were right to be confident in our ability to deliver on any mechanical services request.

The Challenge

The owners of 25 Main St. W in Hamilton contracted Mattina Mechanical to install a new high-capacity chiller as part of its HVAC system. The trouble was that the chiller needed to be installed in the mechanical room on the top floor of this 22-floor, 229-foot office building.

While the machine was fabricated in several distinct pieces to make it easier to move, each piece still measured several metres in length and width and weighed hundreds of pounds; there was no easy way to get them where they needed to go using the elevator or the stairs.

Our Solution

Since the chiller components could not be brought to the top floor using the obvious methods, we decided to use a method that many mechanical installation companies use when confronted with similar problems: we hired a crane.

A crew of trusted roofing contractors had dismantled a portion of the building’s roof in advance. A flatbed semi-truck quickly arrived holding the chiller and condensers, and the crane was used to transport the chiller into the building. This chiller was then placed inside the building while the rest of the job was carried out, and the roof was rebuilt over it by the same contractors who had previously taken it apart.

The next step was to use the crane to move the heavy condenser components to a nearby parking lot. The mechanical services crew then began assembling those components into larger, more complete sections, relying on the crane to help manoeuvre the heavy pieces onto their metal frames. The condensers were carefully labelled to make the final placement and assembly as simple as possible once they reached the rooftop.

The partially-assembled condensers were then slowly lifted by the crane, which had already been extended hundreds of feet in the air thanks to its telescopic boom. The condensers were slowly lowered onto the rebuilt roof. They were then detached from the crane before the mechanical services crew finished the final steps in the assembly process, fixing the units to the rooftop permanently.

This success took the combined efforts of:

  • nearly a dozen crew members.
  • a full team of roofing contractors.
  • many administrators, managers, and engineers working behind the scenes.

Ultimately, we were able to get the entire job done in a single day.

What This Means for You

This small case study not only demonstrates how committed we are to getting the job done no matter what – it also stands as a testament to how well we can handle complex and unorthodox mechanical services requests. This was one of the most demanding mechanical services jobs we have worked on, and we were able to complete it without any significant issues.

We were able to plan around the limitations of the client’s space and location and execute a solution that was effective, cost-efficient, and minimally disruptive to the ongoing business happening within the building. If you have mechanical services needs that require similarly complex workarounds, you can count on us to deliver the same excellent results for you.

Work with the Leading Providers of Mechanical Services in Hamilton

Mattina Mechanical Limited provides mechanical services for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings all over Hamilton and the GTA. Whether you need mechanical installation services, plumbing and HVAC service, mechanical maintenance, or any other work done on your building’s mechanical systems, we can help.

Contact us to learn more about what we do and how we can restore or upgrade your building’s systems – no matter how challenging your case may be, we will find a way to get it done.

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