Maintenance & Related Services

Plant Maintenance
MML provides Plant maintenance in the Heavy and Light Industrial markets, and Manufacturing sector.

Portable Gas/Electric Welding
MML provides a wide range of pipe welding capabilities – whether in-house fabrication or on-the-road service at the client’s location.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning
MML provides drain cleaning services in-house using the latest equipment for either mechanical auguring or hydrostatic flushing.

CCTV Inspection & Pipe Locating
MML provides CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Sewer and Drain inspections using digital technology in videoing the internal sewer as well as locating the services underground.

MML provides millwright support services in the areas of plant maintenance and equipment installation.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Facilities
MML provides mechanical installations and retrofits in Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant facilities.