Iqaluit International Airport
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Project Details

Project Date: 2015-2017

Client: Government of Nunavut

Location: Iqaluit, Nunavut

Category: Government

About this Project

Iqaluit International Airport

The Airport Terminal Building in Iqaluit, Nunavut is large part of the Territory of Nunavut’s Economy. The old terminal building featured safety and efficiency concerns. To address this the Government of Nunavut embarked on the Iqaluit International Airport Improvement Project, which is one of the largest public infrastructure endeavors ever built in Iqaluit order invest in the future of the Territory, it’s growing population and increased air traffic it is subjected to. The project included rehabilitation of the airports infrastructure and the creation of a new Airport Terminal Building and Combined Services Building.

Mattina Mechanical Limited (MML) was Subcontracted by Bouygues Building Canada to provide the full Mechanical scope on a Design Assist basis for the project. The Project involved all Plumbing, HVAC, Heating and Cooling, and Refrigeration systems for the new 9,900 square metre Air Terminal Building, and 5,200 square metre Combined Services Building. Additional services included the installation of combined heat and power units, compressed air systems, utility high pressure wash systems, and fuel oil storage and distribution systems. The project required a significant emphasis on planning, logistics and warehousing to ensure all materials were shipped to the North within the limited summer shipping season. MML retained 10% of our workforce locally to support local government initiatives.

MML acted as the Prime Mechanical Contractor to coordinate all site activities from start through to commissioning phase.