Team Building Air Canada Center

Team Building Air Canada Center

By: Mattina  |  Posted October 28, 2017  |  0

Getting the head out of the office and into the rink.

At Mattina Mechanical Limited (MML) we pride ourselves in operating with integrity and loyalty to our employees, customers, suppliers and communities served. We believe that it is here that our family values shine through. It is very important for us to incorporate afriendly family atmosphere. The Office and Field Managerial team went together to the Air Canada Center to watch the Maple Leafs vs. the Philadelphia Flyers.

We wanted to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to every single team member. Each person’s hard work and dedication to our management team deserved to be celebrated. Our talented employees display their efforts towards our clients and ensure our jobs are completed to their satisfaction. This is why we decided to take the team out of the office, off of site and into a demand free environment where we colleagues could all spend quality time with each other. As Wayne Gretzky once said ͞The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it.”

A lot of the time our field management teams don’t have the chance to see each other at the office or on site due to the projects that they are involved with. Through this event not only could we all come together and enjoy some Canadian patriotism, but also get caught up on other projects and share with between us our experiences and advice.

We value the time and effort that our employees invest in our company that allow us to provide excellent service to our clients. Our culture is always progressing and we work better as a team when we can all experience hockey as a team.

We are always growing and welcome new perspectives. Come join our exceptional team today.


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