Preventative mechanical maintenance

Preventative Mechanical Maintenance Solutions

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Like any man-made structure, plumbing and HVAC systems do not last forever and will slowly degrade over time. You can overcome this roadblock by having problems repaired as they appear, but when businesses like yours rely on those systems in order to remain productive, this may not be the most effective solution.

Mattina Mechanical Limited has provided commercial mechanical services for hundreds of businesses over the years, and that experience has only reinforced our commitment to a pro-active approach to HVAC and plumbing upkeep. Preventative mechanical maintenance for these systems is critical to any business seeking to maximize its efficiency. Its profound impact is most easily noticed in the five areas listed below.

Benefits of a Mechanical Maintenance Program

1) Continued Warranty Coverage

Your HVAC and plumbing systems are structural investments in your business; in order to realize their potential ROI, they must be made to last as long as possible. The coverage provided by the manufacturer’s warranty will help extend the life of many pieces of equipment, but without proof of regular maintenance by licensed mechanical contractors, that coverage may be voided. On the other hand, adhering to a regular maintenance schedule administered by a mechanical services company ensures that your warranty stays active for its entire duration and that you will always be able to easily prove that you have met the necessary maintenance requirements.

2) Fewer Inconveniences

Scrambling to contain the situation caused by a broken air conditioning system or a faulty plumbing valve is inefficient and needlessly stressful. Well-maintained systems and equipment, however, rarely break down unexpectedly. With regular oversight from mechanical contractors, you should be able to identify any weak points in your systems that might fail in the near future and have them fixed immediately. This minimizes interruptions to your operations and allows you to avoid having to rush to find a solution under pressure.

3) Less Work

Even if mechanical maintenance is an imperative, the last thing any organization needs is another set of time-sensitive duties to worry about. A mechanical services company can handle the scheduling of all maintenance, as well as the inspection and calibration of your plumbing and HVAC systems to your individual needs. This ensures that your systems and equipment never go too long without a professional inspection and tune-up, allowing you to set that concern aside and focus on other aspects of running your business.

4) Monetary Savings

Emergency repair services are infamously costly, but you have no choice but to use them when your company suffers a sudden plumbing or HVAC breakdown. Contracting preventative maintenance from a mechanical maintenance company is relatively inexpensive in comparison and should minimize the need to undertake repairs outside of scheduled visits. Any repairs that are performed after routine inspections must first be approved by a member of your staff, giving you more control over the process and the final expenses. Further, the cost of regular maintenance is much more predictable and, therefore, easier to incorporate into existing budgets, allowing you to enjoy more accurate financial forecasting.

5) Increased Tenant Satisfaction

Commercial landlords have a vested interest in keeping their tenants happy; satisfied tenants tend to remain in the building they are occupying, securing your rental income and saving you the hassle of having to replace them if they were to leave the property. If your plumbing and HVAC systems are well-maintained and consistently reliable as a result, that impressive performance can become a selling point that keeps your tenant retention rates high and your income steady.

Mattina’s Preventative Maintenance Services

Preventative Mechanical Maintenance Solutions

Systems that have had preventative maintenance performed on them are highly efficient, can operate continuously, and virtually eliminate the problem of downtime. Mattina’s industry-leading mechanical services provide regular, consistent maintenance that conforms to OEM recommendations; with our help, your buildings’ systems will run better than ever.

We Perform Maintenance On:

  1. Plumbing Systems
    • PRV (pressure reducing valves).
    • MV (mixing valves).
    • Y strainers.
    • BFP (back flow preventers).
  2. Heating and Cooling Systems
    • UH (unit heaters).
    • CU (condenser units).
    • HVAC and AC units (air conditioning).
    • MUA (make up air units).
    • HEX – Heat exchangers.
    • RTU (roof top units).
    • Boilers and pumps.
    • Fans and cooling.
    • Chiller units.
    • Cooling towers.

    It is important to ensure your piping systems are receiving proper chemical treatments to avoid unwanted scaling and sediment build-up.

  3. In-Suite Systems
    • Fan coils.
    • Heat pumps.
    • ERV (energy recovery ventilators).

The Time to Act Is Now

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to give your HVAC system and plumbing the maintenance they need – the earlier you act, the easier it will be to keep your problems in check.

At Mattina Mechanical Limited, we provide preventative mechanical maintenance service plans suited for a wide range of industries and budgets. We can also customize these plans as needed to suit any unique requirements your business might have, all while adhering to industry regulations. Give us a call at 905-544-6380 to discuss how we can help you secure all the benefits of having well-maintained plumbing, heating and cooling systems supporting your buildings.

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