Installation and Fabrication Services for Commercial Piping

Commercial Piping Fabrication & Installation Services

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When you need commercial pipe installation services, Mattina Mechanical Limited is here to help. As experienced and licensed mechanical contractors, we are fully certified with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority in accordance with CSA Standard B51 Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping, as well as ASME B31.1 Power Piping and ASME B31.3 Process Piping. Our work is high-quality, comprehensive, compliant with all applicable building codes and regulations, and carefully planned and executed to provide the best outcome in each case.

Our Commercial Pipe Fabrication Services

Mattina’s commercial pipe fabrication services include:

  • Pressure pipe spool fabrication in a variety of materials including carbon steel, copper, and austenitic stainless steel.
  • Pipe support fabrication.
  • Spool drawings.
  • Pressure testing.
  • Pipe installation.
  • Inspections of existing systems.

Choosing the Right Commercial Pipe Installation Method for You

Our organization strives to set ourselves apart from other pipe installation companies by offering service that is tailored to each client’s requirements. When you need a piping system installed, there are three possible ways to approach the job. We may:

  • Fabricate the spools we need in-house (in our shop) and install them in the field.
  • Fabricate the spools in the field and install them as the work progresses.
  • Combine the two approaches described above as dictated by the needs of the project.

Benefits of Our Combined Shop and Field Approach

Shop fabrication is an efficient method to produce pipe assemblies optimized for field installation.  Piping systems can be constructed and tested based on client provided IFC drawings or planned and measured for field conditions where existing or new construction may have variables. Each spool is marked with a specific serial code or symbol that designates where it is meant to go inside the facility and how it fits together with any other parts in a multi-spool system. Technicians can then quickly join these spools together when they arrive at the place where they are to be installed and create a functional pipe system with minimal on-site work.

This method is faster than field fabrication and allows you to minimize disruption in the building if it is currently in use or being worked on by other construction teams. It also generally produces more consistent results because it allows for precise control over the conditions in which production happens.

For Flexibility, Opt for Field Fabrication

Commercial Piping Fabrication & Installation Services

Field fabrication allows technicians to adjust the pipes they are producing to meet the exact needs of the environment where the piping system is to be installed. This is often done at a temporary location (for instance, a spare storage room at the client’s facility) that is devoted entirely to creating the necessary piping for the current project. If the situation calls for it, however, it is possible to conduct fabrication directly at the spot where it will be mounted.

This is most useful when there is an extensive pipe network already in place; creating the new piping on an as-needed basis during the installation allows technicians to work around the existing structures while minimizing the need to alter spools after they have been produced. It takes longer to complete an installation in this fashion, but the final result is an intricately assembled pipe system that fits exactly where you need it to and can be integrated with your existing systems.

Service That Spans from Start to Finish

We recognize that many commercial pipe installation projects involve more than simply establishing a single pipe system. We are a full-service mechanical contracting company capable of performing any of the following work and more:

Leave Your Commercial Pipe Installation to the Experts

During the decades we have spent serving businesses in the Toronto and Hamilton area, we at Mattina Mechanical Limited have successfully completed dozens of pipe installation contracts under many different sets of customer-specific constraints. We are equipped to handle all of your commercial pipe installation and fabrication needs, no matter what type of approach your situation calls for. Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the particulars of your pipe project and learn more about how we can create the exact type of system your business requires.

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