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Important Factors to Remember When Choosing a Commercial Mechanical Contractor in Toronto

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There are dozens of commercial mechanical maintenance companies serving businesses in the Toronto area, and many organizations struggle to decide which of them to hire. How do you decide which of these mechanical contractors is the best choice for your organization?

While every commercial facility’s needs are different, there are a few considerations that are universally useful to keep in mind when thinking about this dilemma. The six listed below cover the most important aspects of choosing between the many commercial mechanical contractors within Toronto.

Six Considerations When Choosing Mechanical Contractors

1. Experience and Capabilities

The best commercial mechanical maintenance companies in Toronto have been in the business for decades and have served many organizations from different industries during that time. They know that setting up the plumbing system in a school, for example, is very different from doing it for a restaurant or a recreational swimming complex.
Each of these instances requires mechanical contractors to consider the unique circumstances of that client. For example, the school might need special piping configurations for natural gas lines and eyewash stations in the science lab. The other two types of buildings need specific types of drain systems that must be regularly inspected and cleaned out. Mechanical contractors who have done similar work before will produce the best results in either case.

2. The State of Your Property

Another noteworthy consideration when choosing between commercial mechanical contractors is the current state of the building itself. What does it look like in terms of size and shape? How old is it? How much space do you have for your mechanical systems? Will you need basic plumbing and mechanical services or complex custom solutions and in-depth checks and tune-ups? The answers to all these questions will help determine what you need from a mechanical maintenance company.

Most mechanical contractors will provide a free quote for their services that is tailored to the building’s specific traits, and many of them will even visit the premises to perform that evaluation in person. This helpful service takes the guesswork out of figuring out if they offer the services you need and whether you can afford that assistance.

3. Resources

When you hire a mechanical maintenance company, you want to know that they will be able to handle anything that comes their way. While most mechanical contractors will do their best to handle your needs with what they have, some tasks will require specialized resources that are out of reach for many smaller contracting firms.

The best mechanical contractors will have the staff, equipment, and industry connections to do just about any job a client could ask for. That might mean doing some innovative engineering to fit some much-needed pipework into a tight space, installing modern HVAC systems in old buildings that were not designed with this in mind, or providing guaranteed 24-hour emergency services to clients. All of these things are critical services that less established mechanical contractors might struggle to provide.

4. Financial Responsibility

There is always a chance that the total cost of mechanical contractors’ work will be higher than you had anticipated. For that reason, you should always investigate your prospective contractor’s financial history. How closely do the mechanical contractors adhere to the budgets they lay out for their clients? Have they ever underbudgeted for a job and had to ask for more money? If so, was this a rare occurrence due to exceptional difficulties, or does it happen regularly? If they offer an ongoing maintenance service contract, do they lay out the terms of that contract clearly so you can easily figure out what you’re getting in return for your investment?

Choosing mechanical contractors with a good financial track record is paramount for ensuring that you can keep your own finances in order. If you can find the right company, you should receive consistent, predictable bills that can easily fit your organization’s budget, and that won’t require any complicated explanations when your expenses are reviewed.

5. Rebates and Other Discounts

Cost is also a factor when choosing between mechanical contractors. Most mechanical contractors prefer to have organizations purchase their commercial mechanical services on an ongoing basis, so the price they offer for an ongoing contract might be slightly lower than what they would charge for repeated visits that a company did not commit to in advance. If you can strike a deal that both parties are happy with, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of regular maintenance at your facility at an affordable price.

There are also many rebates available from the Ontario provincial government for organizations that install new green energy solutions on their premises. Mechanical companies have an intimate knowledge of these rebates, and the best mechanical contractors will tell you exactly how to qualify for these incentives and how much your organization could recoup if you do. Doing this could significantly lower the cost of making these necessary upgrades.

6. References and Referrals

Mechanical maintenance services can critically affect your organization’s ability to function, so you shouldn’t trust just any company with the job. You need mechanical contractors that are thorough, reliable, and trustworthy. You can look at online reviews to get an initial idea of what a contractor’s reputation is like, but these reviews are not likely to be detailed enough to give useful insights into what you can expect of that company. Some of them may also be fake, making it difficult to trust any conclusions they lead you to.

The best way to get the information you need is to contact some of the contractor’s other clients directly and ask them about their experience regarding some of the critical points listed above.  You can ask the mechanical contractors for references directly – they will almost certainly welcome the opportunity to prove that they are dependable and perform quality work. If those past clients speak well of the mechanical contractors, you can safely assume that those companies are worth considering for your mechanical maintenance needs.

What Mechanical Contractors Can Do for You

In order to fully understand why those considerations are important, it is helpful to review what you can expect from mechanical contractors in Toronto. Mechanical contractors can:

  • Install, maintain, and repair any part of the plumbing, HVAC, or other mechanical systems of your commercial building.
  • Supervise your site for you, ensuring that any problems that might be developing are taken care of by professional technicians in a timely fashion.
  • Provide solutions for any mechanical issues your organization is experiencing.
  • Work on design-build projects to construct any mechanical infrastructure or custom modifications that your commercial facility needs.
  • Engineer new mechanical systems, updates and solutions as needed.
  • Execute any special projects that concern the mechanical systems of your commercial building.

What Mattina Has to Offer

Commercial Mechanical Contractor

Mattina Mechanical Limited excels in all six of the considerations mentioned above. Over more than 40 years of experience as mechanical contractors, we have had the privilege of honing our skills in countless industries. We offer comprehensive mechanical maintenance services at a competitive price, and our clients know they can always count on us to get the job done quickly and correctly. We have several engineers on our team, allowing us to easily complete entire design and build projects (budgeting included) in-house.

Some of our main areas of focus as mechanical contractors are:

We are also happy to handle special projects according to client requests. Some of the custom projects we have worked on in the past include specialized healthcare systems, water treatment piping, and process piping systems.

Choose Mattina for Your Toronto-Area Mechanical Contractors

Your company won’t be able to earn revenue if it doesn’t have a well-maintained, functional building to operate from. It’s worth sifting through the many mechanical contractors available to find the best one to help you with the upkeep of your building’s mechanical systems. Contact Mattina Mechanical Limited today to learn more about how we can put our professional expertise as mechanical contractors to work for you.

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